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that fosse fig

Oh, so aloof. Associations are the heart of my creative jive. This morning, I'm jamming with coffee and planning to start a little illustrative work in the sketchbook. Alas, I needed some body language inspo, so pulled the 1969 Sweet Charity iconic frug scene, choreographed by the twisted genius, Bob Fosse. Now, not only did the music put me in A MOOD but had me jumpin-jivin-jiggin all over the place, ya know? Open the fridge, what do I see: FIGS? Instant connection (obviously.) Ergo, I was about to take myself on a figgy, fosse fantasy.

So immediately I pulled out my brushes & ink, started scribbling out The Cool People in pure dance mode. Nothing is cooler than expression. As I was tapping my toes and pissing off my neighbors, I got some sweeeeeeeet work done. My kitchen lights are pink and orange-- aka my constant environment is psychedelically set. The groove was on.

And those fresh figs were on my mind at this point. It's 8am, need a stellar snack, especially now that I am in this jazzy mood. Figured, well let's bring the creativity full circle.

As the paintings dried, I did some light googling for a prompt recipe on fig-oatmeal cookies, but I'm out of most of the ingredients needed. Always experimenting with baking/cooking, so I crafted my own version. What resulted was a spicy-steel-cut-oats-biscuit-cookie, featuring fresh figs, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, truffle salt, and lots of groove. Scribbled down my ingredients for next time. 9/10 times, I never follow an recipe fully anyway. Prefer a risk and spontaneity.

Sliced up the figs, chopped the walnuts, mixed the dry ingredients, blended the wet, and logically combined together! Added a second egg, splashed extra seasonings, and plopped 4" sized cookies onto a oiled up baking pan. Wow, not going to brag, but gonna brag. Hot damn. Super moist (sorry for that word) and tastes like fall (sorry for the cliche.) Hand me a cup o joe, and we got the fuel for the day.

As I noshed on my fosse fig finger foods, I continued on with the inspired Aloof dancers x The Cool People paintings. I used leather paints, acrylics, gesso, and india ink on hand-woven, cotton 9x12 paper. Ended this morning with a bang! You're welcome to share this fosse fun and snag this special painting!

Four characterizations of The Cool People in a purple haze.

*Also, if you haven't watched the show, Fosse/Vernon on FX, you totally should. I personally may watch it a second time. The show really captures their work. The series does school us on how brilliant Gwen Vernon is and how she's the true POWERHOUSE behind Bob Fosse.


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