the book of cool

Sketchbooks have been my bibles since the dawn of time, filling countless papers with collages, sketches, paintings, and writings. My current sketchbook is titled, The Book of Cool, containing storytelling images and written musings in search for a stronger understanding of authenticity. Most of my sketchbooks are title, containing archives from a chapter of my artistic journey. 2020 is my 27th year, careful not to join the 27 club. Good thing I'm not a drug addict, although do carry a white lighter, just in case. Hahah but honestly , this year is about stripping down the ego and the so-far-creation, that is my artistic persona. Basically I am taking a step outside myself and watching myself as though I am the lead character in a movie. How does this character follow a hero's journey? Everyone should have their own hero's journey, ya dig?

The lack of control in our world is stifling, and, and I want to jump into the world of my own head to sort things out. Well, since I'm there, might as well do some research and cleaning in my file cabinet mind. The work I am creating at this point embodies the spirit of the last 7 years, but is focused on delving into a more honest discourse to re-define the value of authenticity. Thrilling shit, no?

Usually, my main medium is acrylic paint. I like the fast drying nature, accessibility, and overall permanency of it on canvas and clothing. However, I am choosing to primarily use India ink, dyes, and leather paints these days. What you paint on has just as much importance as the media. Currently using handmade cotton paper and cut pieces of. loose canvas. The innate feeling of holding an artifact in your hand is striking to me. Moving forward, I'm drawn to creating heirlooms, relics, sacred items, etc. -- you know, things that hold something of yourself that is passed on to others. And that could be paper, canvas, clothing, accessories, home goods, etc. Taking a large step away from mass production, I hope to instill an intimate connection wth every item I create. Not that pieces of the past were disconnected, but that my split business owner and artist brain was not always in harmony.

Working hand in hand, sketchbook pages and fine art products are seamless. Once there's a concept I wish to explore and share, there's an available art piece for sales or for order. And the products for sale are not solely mass produced pieces, but individual rarities. This is not any different than how I worked in the past, but there is a slower and honed inn vision for 2020 that is exclusive to my process. The times have changed yet gain how people interact, work, shop, eat, drink, party, and live is new. But perhaps this new is really, a new form of old. Regardless, I hope everyone, including myself, takes a moment to step back and take inventory on their lives. Visual art is my loudest voice, and I hope to amplify greatly as this year progresses.