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Greenwich Village artist, designer, & business owner, Storm has been working downtown NYC for the past ten years with her successful retail storefront, fine art gallery pop-ups, and home studio production. As an ambidextrous painter, her art focuses on the exploration of the soul in surrealist storytelling. Fueled by music and nostalgic emotion, Storm's work collectively features her signature design of The Cool People.


Fine Art of Storm Ritter

As an ambidextrous painter, Storm uses both hands simultaneously to sculpt paint. This technique allows her to rely on natural movement and structure in composition development. Music is essential to her process, as specific genres support the color palette. Typically Storm works on three to five pieces at one time, in rotation, to distribute a cohesive harmony during her creative flow. Paintings are rarely planned, contributing to an organic, mystical quality in her work. 


Who Are The Cool People ?

Birthed in 2014, Storm's signature figures have evolved throughout the years, from expressionistic depictions to structured, surreal storytellers. The right hand brings the conscious structure while the left adds subconscious emotion. When she first started painting the forms, her clients called them cool, coining their name. The Cool People are the spirits around you, the people in your head, and the souls within you. Whoever they are to you, are who they will be. 

NYC Gallery Exhibitions 

Since 2015, Storm has been actively running brick-and-mortar spaces and managing her own home studio. Since her West Village retail establishment, Storm Ritter Studio, she has had two long-term gallery residencies in Meatpacking, NYC at 807 Washington Street and 38 Little West 12th Street. The galleries showcased large solo shows and doubled as a live studio space. 

"A Kind Soul Is A Cool Soul"

As a working artist, business woman and soulful human, Storm embraces the ferris wheel of life. Good fortune deceives, and bad fortune enlightens. In her business and artistry, the concept of kindness is at the forefront. As she continues to evolve her fine art collections, Storm prioritizes accessible merchandise from t-shirts to jewelry to spread positive energy and spiritual empowerment for all people. 


Receive a quote for a commissioned painting, an indoor or outdoor mural, custom painted garments, or a certified tattoo design of The Cool People. Please submit your inquiry on the online contact page or directly email

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